The Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters Inc.

Scholarship 2020

Two (2) $1,500.00 Scholarships will be presented at the Annual Meeting in December 2021.  Total Number of Scholarships and money awarded will be reviewed annually.


This scholarship is awarded to a Member (son, daughter, niece, and nephew, brother, sister, Grandson or Granddaughter) of a Full Status Member of the Association or of a Past Full Member who is still an Associate member of the Association who is continuing his or her education at a post secondary institution.

Winners must be in Attendance or have someone in attendance to accept.

Download the Scholarship form here:

Completed applications must be received

on or before October 31, 2021 to


Chairman of Scholarship Committee

Box 268

Lestock, SK

S0A 2G0

or by E-Mail to

Congratulations to the 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Kierstyn Doyle & Tilynn Petersen


Kierstyn Doyle is the recipient of the Debbie Hepworth Memorial Scholarship 2021.


Kierstyn is majoring in science and education at the University of Lethbridge beginning fall of 2022. 


Kierstyn is a daughter of Ryan and Kathryn Doyle; R & K Doyle Harvesting. She has spent the summers on the harvest run with the family since she was a baby. She helped Kathryn with cooking, crew chores and her younger siblings. She is a bright young woman and wonderful to talk too.


Congratulations Kierstyn.


Tilynn Petersen is the recipient of the Cliff Petersen Memorial Scholarship 2021. 


Tilynn is currently a 1st year Ag Business student at Lakeland College. 


Tilynn Is the daughter of Lee & Dana Petersen; L. Petersen Farms. Tilynn spent her summers on the harvest trail. She started out as mom’s sandwich maker but soon graduated to operating the tractor/grain cart and then finally to the combine.

Growing up on the harvest run helped her to realize that many people depend on the crops we grow and harvest. Harvest has had a huge impact in her life and has helped her with the decision to pursue further education in agriculture. 


Congratulations Tilynn.